tangerine oil

binomial Name: citrus reticulata
tangerines are an exotic treat, and their sweet, fresh, and lively scent is captivating. tangerine oil has a bright and sparkling aroma, distinctive from orange oil, and has been used for centuries in healing practices.

this calming essential oil is known to inspire and uplift while it soothes anxiety and helps conquer insomnia. the fruit has been employed across the globe for centuries to improve skincare, digestive health, manage pms and promote the overall balance of body, mind and spirit. the french regard tangerine oil as a safe remedy for indigestion and hiccoughs, and it helps reduce scars and stretch marks. it’s effective as a systemic antispasmodic, and it strengthens the lymphatic, circulatory and immune systems. tangerine has also been proven effective against the highly septic staphylococcus aureus bacteria.
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