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ocean petal topped candle

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pure flower fragrance fills a room with the intense scent of just-picked flowers. nature's bloom is transported indoors.

blended with the purest natural-burning wax for 50 hours of breathing, watching, lighting and living. a slow, velvety and clean burn. topped with a cotton wick and scented petals, which can be emptied into a small dish to subtly scent a room. 6 oz.

packaged in 77% post-consumer recycled paper. printed at a 100% wind-powered plant. made in the u.s.a.

ingredient list:


Nothing refreshes like the sea that cleanses the earth and leaves it with nothing but new coastal air that brings the smell of flowers, herbs, and trees near the sea. Enjoy the smell of this petal topped candle that's mixed with blends of copaiba and clove oils and some eucalyptus. It can make your feel healthier, and more fresh.

History: Considered a symbol of Apollo, wreath bay laurels are often given as prizes to the victors of the Pythian games.

Origin: Mediterranean, France, Spain, Italy, Morocco

Essential oil blend: cardamom seed oil, laurel leaf oil, copaiba oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and clove bud oil

Process: steam distillation

Aromatherapy: Improves mental strength, boosts immune system, stimulates the body

Language: laurel leaf symbolizes glory

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