flowers hold life flowers hold life is an expression of red flower’s biophilia – its ability to connect one to the essence of nature. elevating the everyday habits of lighting a candle and purifying the body into an immersive and evolving experience that feels embraced with warmth, energy and connectedness. flowers hold life is a one hundred percent biodegradable and biocompatible collection of generous scents and rich essential oil blends that includes: petal topped and little flower candles, purifying body washes, moisturizing body lotions, cleansing hair washes, softening hair conditioners and isla das rocas revitalizing sea salt scrubs to create a complete wellness experience. always looking to bring health and pleasure to every moment, red flower believes that true indulgence is personal and takes a lifetime.
an energizing and vitalizing body treatment founded on the principle of stimulating blood flow through the body by blending layers of exceptional ingredients and pure scents deeply into the skin. inspired by the sensual and thorough art of caring for the body developed and perfected in japan. sea algae, concentrated silk, rice bran, bamboo sap and plum wine leave skin purified, energized, softened and delicately scented. in japan, this custom of deeply purifying and stimulating the skin before soaking in healing waters is a bathing ritual so innate that for centuries it has continued to be performed daily without thought, only presence. created to release the flow of vital energy in the body.
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