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red flower prayer bowl

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made of pure copper, hand-spun and hand-stamped, the prayer bowl is used in the hindu puja flower-offering ceremony. a small offering-sized copper bowl is filled with flowers and placed at the altar of a shrine in hopes that the bearer's wishes be granted. how to make an offering: remember that an offering should be an act of generosity so subtle and complete it almost goes unnoticed. fill with scented petals and place near a burning candle as a gesture of offering and soft fragrance.


a trace metal found in our body's skin cells, copper attracts and binds to peptides (small fragments of proteins), forming copper peptides.

copper and copper peptides aid in collagen and elastin production, regenerating skin cells and healing skin conditions. they also possess anti-inflammatory properties and aid in boosting the work of antioxidants, reducing the appearance of fine lines and rejuvenating aging skin tissue. the anti-aging benefits of copper peptides are due to the production of glycosaminoglycans (like hyaluronic acid), which help the skin retain moisture.

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